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At AIIM Choices, our professional team takes care of your NDIS plan management funding on the participant’s behalf. We are about removing the burden of the day to day administration of paying invoices. Our plan management service ensures timely payment of invoices and provides personalised support to maximise the value of your funding packages. It’s about having your own accounting service to take care of paying the bills for services funded from your NDIS plan.

This service comes at no cost to you as it is government funded separately to a participant’s NDIS package.

Step 1.

The participant engages a provider for a service they need and sets up service agreement.

Step 2.

This agreement is sent through to AIIM Choices email

Step 3.

The participant receives a service from the provider and gets invoiced for the activity.

Step 4.

If they are happy with the invoice, the participant sends the invoice to AIIM Choices email

Step 5.

AIIM Choices claims the monies from the NDIS, then pays the invoice for you. All services must be within the scope of your NDIS plan.

This service comes at no cost to the participant as the government adds additional funding to an individual’s NDIS package to cover the cost.
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