Support Coordinators

Working together to help NDIS participants live a better everyday life.

NDIS Support Coordinators

Sometimes, it takes teamwork

At AIIM Choices, we understand the vital role Support Coordinators play in supporting NDIS participants. We are here to work alongside you to help participants make the most of their plan.

  • We’ve helped thousands of NDIS participants access the NDIS since 2017.
  • We provide prompt and efficient support when questions or problems arise.
  • We offer a true partnership with Support Coordinators to get the best outcome for our participants.
Careview Advantage

Manage your NDIS plan in your pocket

Knowledge is power. Our participants can keep track of their spending, payments and invoices with an easy-to-use app for iPhone and Android devices.

Participants can quickly understand that their plan is on track to pay your invoices.

Let’s work together to create a better every day life for NDIS participants

If you’re ready to partner with a Plan Manager that puts Support Coordinators and participants first, we’d love to work with you.

Part of our job is to support you so that you can do the best for your participants.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you help your clients get the most out of their NDIS plans.

Support Coordinator Plan Manager

Benefits of working
with AIIM Choices

We’re a nationally recognised plan management provider. We believe in celebrating the little wins. People matter. We value building one-on-one relationships with providers and support coordinators so our participants can live their best lives.

We’re the leading Plan Manager

Our friendly and experienced team have the know-how to help your participants get the most out of their NDIS plans. If you refer your participants to us, you can be confident they are receiving plan management services from an award-winning provider of plan management service.

NDIS Navigation

The interpretation of some NDIS Guidelines can be confusing.  We have experts that can help you and your participants navigate the NDIS, use the Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits and submit invoices & reimbursements for swift payment.

Prompt Payments

We pay invoices promptly. This means your participants worry less about their budgets and can focus on getting the most from your services and the supports they need.

We Support you to Support your Participants

Your participants are our participants. With their goals in mind, we are focused on providing the support they need to live the lives they choose. If problems occur, we’re here to help. You can be confident issues get sorted out and we keep you in the loop regarding how things are progressing.

We Do the admin heavy lifting

From completing paperwork and invoicing to submitting reimbursements and managing participants’ budgets, we focus on the admin so you can focus on supporting your participants.

A Commitment to Innovation

We continually strive to improve our systems and the supports available to the participants and providers we work with. This is how we remain the Plan Manager of choice for thousands of Australians.

Support Coordinator partner with AIIM Choices

Partner with
AIIM Choices

If you’re ready to partner with a plan manager that puts providers and participants first, we’d love to work with you.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you help your clients get the most out of their NDIS plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At AIIM Choices we provide an online app to allow a Support Coordinator to view the current balance of their participant we plan manage. To do this, we must get written approval from the participant to share this information with their support coordinator.

Also, we consider the Support Coordinator is an integral role in supporting any AIIM Choices participant.  We also offer free advice regarding the NDIS Guidelines and what can be potentially funded within the participant’s plan.  When required, we are happy to spend time with Support Coordinators to brainstorm solutions that may assist their participants achieve their NDIS goals.

Just as we spend time with a participant to introduce our plan management service, we also spend time with Support Coordinators to introduce how we support them with their participants. This includes training them on how to use the online CareView app to view the status of a participant’s funding. Our goal is to make the Support Coordinators role as easy as possible.