Supporting children to reach their potential

ECEI Early Childhood Early Intervention Services

Early Childhood Early Intervention services

Supporting children to reach their potential

Discuss with us your concerns regarding your child. There are a range of services that may be immediately available to help. We can help with what you need to discuss with your health professionals or support team.

Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) gives families and carers of children 0-9 years access to timely and targeted individualized support to address developmental concerns, developmental delays or a disability.

For children 0-9 years, you do not need a diagnosis to access a range of supports, immediately.

Other types of support may be accessed through NDIS funding. We work closely with families and carers of children aged 0-9 years to access NDIS funding where needed.

What you need to know about Early Childhood Early Intervention

Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) is about families and carers finding the supports and services they need to help kids with a disability thrive.

At AIIM Choices, we support families to better understand their child’s support needs, identifying the most appropriate response to address those needs. Its about identifying the types of supports that provide for a child to develop their potential.

The main goals of ECEI is to enable children with disability or developmental delays to develop their skills and take part in day-to-day activities. By providing supports as early as possible in a child’s life, ECEI aims improve the outcomes of young children as they grow and learn.

We work with parents and carers every step of the way about how ECEI funding works and what to do. We call this wrap-around support, and it’s at the core of everything we do.

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Children aged 0-9 years with a disability or developmental delay and up to 9 years with a disability, they are likely to be funded

ECEI is about providing a way to help young children. It’s to provide supports for children 0–9 years with disability or developmental delay, or younger than 9 years with a disability. 

It’s about early intervention, so you don’t need a formal diagnosis to access funding. Written statements from people close to your child, like teachers, supporting health professionals or carers, are usually enough to highlight why ECEI would be good for the child.

AIIM Choices are NDIS application experts. If funding is required through the NDIS for early intervention supports, we can work with you to gather the documentation for the application and submit it to the NDIS.

ECEI gives you choice and control over the support your child receives.

It’s about developing a plan in place for services that can support your child. Some of the early childhood intervention services are accessible immediately from mainstream services like extra support at a child care center. Your ECEI coordinator will help you to connect with these supports.

Other support services are best funded through the NDIS.  We can assist you with your application to the NDIS on the child’s behalf.

Once your NDIS plan is in place, you’ll receive funding to access supports from providers you feel are best suited to your child. The amount of funding your child receives and what it can be spent on will depend on their individual situation. 

Your child’s ECEI plan provides an overview of your child’s needs and goals, how much budget they’ve been given, and the type of supports they can access within their budget.

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What can you expect from AIIM Choices

  • Personalized service
    We spend time listening to you about your situation and what you are trying to achieve. We will provide free advice to support your specific needs. We will assist you and your child to access the support they need to grow their potential.
  • Experienced and professional team
    Our team members are experts at applying for NDIS funding. They come from a wide range of professional backgrounds such as early childhood education, community engagement and family support work.
  • Easy access to service
    As a NDIS early childhood partner, AIIM Choices has a dedicated person that looks after as your NDIS application progresses. We work with you in a style or language that suits you and regularly keep in contact as your application progresses.
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