James Price

Managing Director / NDIS Plan Manager

Anna Yang

Senior Plan Manager/ Chinese Consultant 中文顾问

Omalka Perera

Business Accountant/ Sinhala Consultant සිංහල උපදේශක

Sandy Powell

Corporate Development Manager

Rebecca Rodd Photo

Rebecca Rodd

Senior Bookkeeper

Cathy Shi

Processing Officer

Suchen Zeng

Systems Analyst

Isabelle Swanson

Reception/ Polish Consultant Polskie konsultant

Liang An

Plan Manager Admin/ Chinese Consultant 中文顾问

Rowena Wilson

Processing Officer/ Filipino Consultant

Asha Rani

Processing Officer/ Hindi and Punjabi Consultant हिन्दी सलाहकार/ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਸਲਾਹਕਾਰ

Terri McIntosh

Plan Manager Admin

Tracey O’Callaghan

Systems Administrator

Rick Qian

Administration Accountant

Teresa Sauer

Plan Manager Intake​

Ellen Ezzy

Plan Manager Intake

Zoe Robertson

Intake Admin Officer

Michelle Judd

Business Development Manager

Debbie McAlister

Reception / Plan Manager

Cornelia Szeszeran

Human Resources Manager

Mary Deng

Plan Manager

Shelley Haines

Plan Manager

Anna Li

Vietnamese Consultant Tư vấn Việt Nam

Renee Wills

Plan Manager

Krissy Liu

Plan Manager

Stacey Tomasino

Plan Manager

“There is an art to listening ,  The ability to hear more then what is being said ,  To understand the meaning of every pause ,  To be able to offer the answers to make someone feel truly heard”                                                                                                                                                       -Anonymous

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