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AIIM Choices Plan Management is about having your own accounting service to take care of paying the bills for care provided under your plan. This involves paying suppliers for services you have received on time to ensure your support is continued.

Choice and Control remains with you

By using a Plan Management service, AIIM Choices can pay any service provider, even ones not registered with the NDIS. The control of your plan remains with you. And if you want to opt out, we are happy to help and provide training regarding becoming self-managed.

Get the maximum benefit from your plan

We work with you to understand your plan. We explain what products or services you can use that are identified as part of your plan and the best way to use the funding to achieve your goals.

Want to know more about us?

AIIM Choices is regarded as a leader in the NDIS community specialising in NDIS Plan Management. Although based in Wodonga we have participants spread across Australia and in most capital cities.

Our Commitment

AIIM Choices values people and is focused on doing the best for our NDIS participants. Our goal is to provide services that empower people to develop their potential. We believe in providing personalised support typical of regional Australian communities.

Multilingual Support

At AIIM Choices we support Australia’s multilingual communities by offering language support to help participants with getting the most from our plan management service. Our staff can speak a range of languages including Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Turkish, Vietnamese, Sinhala, Hindi, Punjabi, Polish and Filipino.


Perfect, we have answers!

Our prime focus is the participant, assisting them to maximise the benefits that their plan is designed to achieve. We view ourselves as part of a team comprising, the participant and their family, you and AIIM Choices. We believe in all working together in the best interests of the participant.
AIIM Choices process invoices daily, and pay invoices within five working days.
We respond to emails daily with the turnaround for a participant Service Agreements to them for signing on the day we are contacted. With prompt telephone responses, we do our utmost to assist participants.
We spend time training participants about the NDIS, especially relevant for self-managed participants. We now offer multi-lingual services with staff speaking Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Turkish, Vietnamese, Sinhala, Hindi, Punjabi, Polish and Filipino. We work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and understand our services.
We help answer any NDIS queries to ensure the participant maximises the care plan.

Currently AIIM Choices do not offer an online login connection to access the plan’s financial details, however we are able to provide current balances and transaction listing when requested. We email monthly transactions statements as requested.

There is no cost to you, the NDIS adds additional funding to you plan to fund Plan Management services; our fee is the standard NDIS fee.

Careview Advantag‪e‬ App

Do you want to know how much money you have left in your budget or whether you have paid your Service provider? When will my plan expire? Do you want a system that can keep the original transaction invoice sent from the service provider so you never have to hunt for that missing paper invoice ever again? Do you want something simple and easy to use and access it on any Apple or Android device?  Well, now you can! 

Download this app developed in Australia by Careview TODAY, for easy access and control of all your NDIS transactions and budgets in real-time…at a glance. Jump in and logon now!

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