Your Plan,
Your Choice

Switch your Plan Manager

You are in control of your NDIS plan

You have the right to choose – the NDIS is about you having “choice and control”

It’s your call who provides your supports and how those supports are delivered. We believe that it’s all about you and your needs.

So, when something doesn’t feel right, you can decide to make a change. This is no different when it comes to your NDIS plan manager.

It’s important that you are 100% satisfied with your NDIS plan manager. After all, they are responsible for helping you navigate your plan and get the most from your funding.

What should I look for in a better plan manager?


You should never have to worry about your invoices or reimbursements being paid on time. Your plan manager should be efficient at processing invoices and resolving issues. They should be easy to contact, respond to your questions quickly, and be proactive in helping you solve problems related to your plan.


Because you’re in control of your plan, you should always have access to your monthly statement and know your budget status. Your plan manager should work with you to provide independent advice that supports you in reaching your goals.


Your plan manager should know NDIS funding inside out, explaining things clearly and giving you helpful advice about your options.


Your plan manager should go above and beyond to understand your personal goals, so they can tailor their advice to help you achieve them.

Plan management
Changing your ndis plan manager in 3 easy steps

How do I change my NDIS plan manager?

Change my NDIS plan Manager

Tell your existing plan manager that you’re switching to a new plan manager

If you’re unsure what to say, feel free to copy and paste this text into an email for your existing plan manager

Please be advised that I, participant name, wish to cease your plan management services immediately. Please release my funds and notify me once this has been actioned.

Let your new plan manager know you want to sign up with them

Let your new plan manager know you’re switching from another plan manager.
AIIM Choices will do the rest.

Providers typically have a 15-to-30-day notification period. You can ask to have this period shortened, but make sure you confirm what the final date of service will be.

Your new provider can activate your account with them.

As soon as your current provider notifies the NDIS payment system that they are no longer your plan manager, your new plan manager can activate their access to your account and begin processing your invoices.

Link needs to go to call number or a sign up form (currently redirects to start of page)


Plan Management with AIIM Choices

pay NDIS bill

Pay your NDIS bills

We lodge your claims with the NDIS and pay the bills, removing the burden of time-consuming administration.

Provider Management

Provider Management

We work with you to find the right type of providers for your funding and make sure they are paid on time, every time.

Budget Management

Budget Management

With our easy-to-use budget management app and monthly activity statements, you always know your available budget.

we listen. we care

We listen, we care

It means we take the time to get to know and understand you. Our participants come first in everything we do. This is our mantra, we live it every day.

Transparent pricing

Is there anything else I need to know before I switch?

You deserve to have a plan manager you can trust and rely on.

Your current plan manager can’t deny your request to change plan manager or even question your decision.

They must also continue carry out all of their duties until you have transitioned to your new plan manager.

There are no costs involved in changing NDIS plan managers.