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A Guide to Changing Your NDIS Plan Manager

Are you have an active NDIS plan and working with a plan manager, but looking for ways on how to change NDIS Plan Managers? We are here to help. 

Part of the NDIS scheme is enabling the participants to have full control over how they want to manage their accounts. Yes, if you are not happy with your existing plan manager, you can make a change at any time during the life of your NDIS plan. You have choice and control regarding the service providers you choose to suit your needs. This includes choosing a different plan manager.

To implement this, the process is pretty straightforward: 

  1. Look for a new dedicated plan manager that’s best suited for your needs
  2. Inform your current plan manager or the NDIS of your desire to switch

Your current plan manager is obliged by the NDIS rules to help you with the transfer and make a smooth transition to ensure your support services keep going. 

To learn more about how to change one and why it’s best to work with a plan manager, check out the rest of this post.

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a welfare program implemented by the Australian government, designed to revolutionise the lives of people with significant needs and disabilities. This is an initiative that provides eligible participants with the necessary resources, support, and services that can help them live comfortable, independent, and fulfilling lives. 

How to Change NDIS Plan Managers?

As a participant in the NDIS, you have the right to change your plan manager if you believe that you are unable to make the most of your plan with your current one. The system’s flexibility is one of its significant advantages, allowing you to make this change at any point in time and ensuring you are not locked into an unsatisfactory service arrangement.

The process of changing your plan manager is simple. It involves: 

  1. Researching potential plan managers who may be a better fit for your needs
  2. Having a discussion with the NDIS or your current manager about your intentions to change
  3. Executing the switch

Remember, your needs and requirements should be at the centre of this decision, and the plan manager should be one who can cater to them effectively.

Question: When should you tell your NDIS Plan Manager and when should you engage directly with the NDIS in planning to change your NDIS Plan Manager? 

  • Contact your NDIS Plan Manager: If you’re in good communication with your NDIS Plan Manager, you can get in touch with them directly and inform them that you wish to end your service agreement. You can also communicate with your Plan Manager if there are concerns you wish to address.
  • Contact the NDIS: If you no longer wish to communicate with your NDIS Plan Manager or if you have complaints regarding their services, you may directly contact the NDIS Commission

Finding the Best Plan Manager 

Choosing a new plan manager can be a critical decision, which can significantly impact the benefits you derive from your NDIS funds. Several key attributes differentiate an exceptional plan manager.. 

Some of the things to consider are:

  • They should have a deep understanding of the NDIS, its processes, and its goals. Their proficiency will ensure they can guide you optimally in navigating the often complex terrain of disability support. 
  • They should be able to align their services with your unique needs and goals and provide personalised advice and support.
  • They should be efficient, approachable, and transparent about their fees and services

Thoroughly research potential managers, ask other NDIS participants for recommendations, and conduct interviews to get a feel for their approach and how well they might work with you.

Benefits of Plan Management

Engaging a proficient plan manager can significantly enhance your NDIS experience and outcomes. These professionals help you understand how to use your funds wisely, effectively navigate through complex policies, and manage financial tasks such as invoicing and tracking of expenses. An NDIS Plan Manager essentially acts as an intermediary, dealing with the administrative side of paying your provider invoices so you can focus on your care and well-being.

In addition, having a plan manager can open up a broader range of potential service providers, including those not registered with NDIS. This expanded network provides more choices in terms of who provides your support, embodying the NDIS principle of ‘choice and control. 

The NDIS is more than a financial program – it embodies a shift in societal attitudes towards disability, emphasising dignity, inclusion, and empowerment. Your choice of plan manager plays an important role in maximising the benefits from the NDIS Fund. It’s important to remember that you have the right and the flexibility to change your plan manager to ensure you get the most suitable and effective support under the NDIS scheme. 

Choose AIIM Choices as your Plan Manager

AIIM Choices is regarded as a leader in the NDIS community specialising in NDIS access applications and plan management. With team members who speak over 15 different languages, we can help you in the language that is most comfortable for you. Our Plan managers will also customise information and communicate with you in the channels that you are most comfortable with. 

We take the time to really understand your needs and work with you in making the most of your NDIS plan. To learn more about how we can help you change your current NDIS plan manager or work with one for the first time ,contact us today. 

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