Han's story with AIIM

Han’s story

In Oct 2021, Lily approached AIIM Choices with her 5yo son, Hans. His parents were concerned when Hans was 18 months that he had not developed language, was not using eye contact and was not interested in play. Then Hans was sent back to China for early intervention. Since Hans’ return his family’s concerns have persisted. Lily was really worried about Hans.

Lily contacted AIIM Choices for the NDIS access application. AIIM Choices linked Hans to the local early childhood partner, supported the access request, and pointed the parents in the right direction when they were at a loss regarding how to proceed with the application.

After being approved for the program, Hans appointed AIIM Choices as plan managers. The AIIM Choices team provided great feedback, knowledge and support regarding NDIS guidelines and support budgets. Lily was made to feel comfortable and knew that her son’s funding was in more than capable hands. She was able to contact Hans’ plan manager via AIIM Choices’ WeChat whenever she had any questions.

After taking on and going to therapies, Hans’ capacity is improving. AIIM Choices is able to pay Hans’ bills promptly and provide the ongoing funding status. The therapies via the ECEI program also helps Lily to monitor and reviews Hans’ progress and give her updates on Hans’ condition.

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