Can you use your NDIS funds for swimming lessons?

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Occasionally, the NDIS will fund swimming lessons in their entirety, however as swimming lessons are deemed necessary for all children, not just those with a disability. What it more common, is that the NDIS will fund the difference in cost between a group and a one to one lesson,  if it can be justified why the individual needs one to one support in the water. Your occupational Therapist and, or Behaviour Specialist can help with this justification.

When we contacted the NDIS about this, requesting clear guidelines, we received the following reply:
“Where it can be demonstrated that individual lessons are required as a direct result of the person’s disability and the intention is to build an entry level of proficiency, the NDIS may consider funding the gap between group lessons and individual lessons.

NDIS support funding is based on an individual’s reasonable and necessary support needs and
the inclusion of funding for swimming lessons will therefore be assessed on an individual basis.

The circumstances of each request are likely to be different, and as a result, the decision may differ from case to case. Some considerations will include:
a. the participant’s goals and what they hope to achieve through swimming lessons;
b. whether there is a different way to meet that need or goal that may be more effective or
represent better value for money;
c. the functional impact of the person’s disability; and
d. the other supports included in the participant’s plan.

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